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Cornerstone Pottery Farm, Cavite, Silang

Dreamy day trips are my jam! Since I am a slave to the boob (still breastfeeding), I can't get away for more than a few hours. I also can't leave overnight, so, day trips are my sanity. Last February to celebrate Valentine's day we went with good friends to Cornerstone Pottery Farm for a small workshop. It is to this day the only Valentine's Day I remember celebrating since we got married 9 years ago. The pottery shop is set up with ease but packed with beauty. The pieces filling up the small space are each so individual and obviously a real work of art. I know next to little about pottery and art in general so for me to notice is a pretty big deal. I kid. Our time in the studio for our workshop was so inviting and calm. The windows have screens on them so you still feel that you are outside with all the foliage surrounding you and breeze gently pushing by.

EJ and Eva were so kind and gracious. EJ lead our very relaxed and hands on shaping class. Eva is seriously a goddess in the kitchen. You'll see further down. With the workshop we got a fantastic tour of the grounds, the kiln and fresh flavor packed meal. And we made some delightful new friends.

IMG_7135IMG_7143I saw this design on some of their other pieces and had to have it! Thanks for being so accommodating. A few photos of the process.

With one of our pieces they encouraged us to take a minute outside find a leaf or something else to make a stamp/imprint design. I would have never thought to do that. I love bringing the outside in and what an organic way to. *Can you guess which plate my husband made?

They also do a wheel workshop. Here is our friend showing us how it is done. :) IMG_7144This was barely two months after I had given birth so I brought baby Wells along for the fun. IMG_7149IMG_7137

I loved the dining set up. You can see the screen windows and how close the plant life was. Everything is better outside. The closer the better. IMG_7150I know this photo is not great but seriously, that food was one of the best meals I have eaten. Eva inspired me to start adding greens and mangos to my grains. IMG_7164

Things to know:

  • Open Mon-Sat 9-5. Contact Number: 0919 995 2022
  • You must make a reservation for a workshop, no walk ins. You can however visit the store during business hours.
  • Prices for workshops range from 700php-1000php and absolutely worth it.
  • You do not get your pieces that day. It actually took us three months before we got us, so expect it to take some time.
  • You do not get to pick your glaze. You get whatever they have on hand before it is finished.
  • They usually have a booth at the American Women's Bazaar.

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