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Discovery Suites Ortigas, The Best Welcome To Manila

Discovery Suites Ortigas, The Best Welcome To Manila

Aaahhhh! That is me screaming with my hands on my cheeks like Kevin in Home Alone. The whole family felt like Kevin with the bathrobes, indulgences, jumping on the beds, pretty much living the dream. PEOPLE! Can you hear me? If you are moving to Manila, moving out of Manila, a long term stay or a staycation like us, Discovery Suites Oritgas is your place. Before I gush about all the personal and fun retake I want to make it personal. As an expat arriving in a foreign country so far from home it can be filled with many different emotions and obstacles. A place like Discovery Suites can break down those walls and help provide an immediate home and community. They lend the hand that so many families need in such a crazy time of life.

We had a little taste last month of this; let me show how seamless your transition can be.

I have never seen such attention to detail in all my life. Upon arriving the staff welcomed us with stuffed animals for each of the boys. It was as if the boys had never received a gift before and this was their first one. They were over the moon. After arriving in our suite it was my turn to be completely floored with excitement. On the desk was a framed family photo. There is nothing that says 'home' more than a family photo. These are the personal details I want to really stress. As a family in transition, this detail allows for feelings of security and belonging. I can't think of a better notion to create these feelings.


DSC05005DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS! After that long travel and feeling so far from home Discovery Suites allows you to even feel invited to your bed with a special embroidered pillow. I honestly think I will adapt this tradition because it so lovely. Imagine when you my grandchildren come to Grandma Amber's and they have their special pillow. DSC05060

DSC05036I had no idea how much my boys would buy into the magic of this staycation. As we entered our hotel room there was squealing, running, jumping and exploring.

The suite itself is very spacious and newly renovated. I want to talk a little more about the details. Notice the kitchen, it doesn't feel like a 'hotel' kitchen. It has a backsplash that adds to a personal touch as you might have in your own kitchen. Nobody enjoys cooking in a place where they feel like a guest. The bathroom was gorgeous and even had bath salts and a bathtub. I have been waiting for my boys to experience a bathtub. It's a funny thought that my boys are growing up without a bathtub. The only missing detail was a throw blanket. :)

Notice the robes? There was one for everybody hanging in the closet. This was when the Home Alone moments came to life. *My oldest accidentally locked his stuffed animal in the safe so a sweet staff member had to come help us. The staff was absolutely wonderful. I even asked if they had special training because they were so top notch. This isn't always the case in The Philippines and I found it to be so rare and advanced at Discovery Suites.

I keep saying how family friendly Discovery Suites is and you will continue to see why. They have converted a whole suit into a kids room with a yaya on staff until 6 pm. Each room had a different theme such as building, wii and pretend play. The boys each loved it and we left them for a few minutes to run a quick errand- it was awesome! The pool is on the same level as the play room. The kids loved the pool even if it was a bit chilly. It doesn't get much sun but there is a small pool/warm tub perfect for the kids.

DSC05089A huge obstacle of moving to a new city or country is access. Where do you go to eat, shop, explore? Discovery Suites has a monthly get together for all long stay guests. One Saturday evening a month they have a social hour to gather and create a community activity. This month the focus was on 'bleisure', bliss + leisure. Discovery Suites has sister hotels in Palawan, Boracay, Makati and Tagatay. The whole movement of 'bleisure' is to provide access to guests who would like a convenient way of getting out of the city and seeing what The Philippines has to offer. As you know, I am a huge advocate and supporter of getting out and exploring. Discovery Suites makes this convenient and can help you plan your next blissful weekend getaway in between all the business.

When we arrived home later that night we were surprised to find our bed perfectly placed with rose petals and swan towels. The staff does not miss a beat or a detail.

We traveled to the Dominican Republic two months before moving to Manila in 2009. When we arrived they only had very foreign looking hot dogs to me and I almost cried thinking about moving to a new country with all foreign food and not knowing what to eat. Ha! This is a huge concern for so many. Discovery Suites pulls out all the stops to help ease your transition. 22 Prime specializes in fine steaks but what really wowed my husband and I was the seafood. It was divine! For merienda we enjoyed truffle and lobster macaroni and cheese, pizza and nachos. The menu is so diverse there is bound to have a choice for everyone in the family. Do you see heaven on a tray, I mean cheese platter? It rocked our world. As I  mentioned before, they pull out all the stops and it continued on to breakfast. Discovery Suites obviously knows they have a very diverse clientele because the breakfast stretched across multiple different cultures with curry, to salmon and salad, breads yogurt, cereal etc. Plus, my personal favorite: soft bacon tray and a crispy bacon tray. You mustn't forget your hot cocoa.

All good things must come to an end. Our staycation was absolutely brilliant. Here is a sweet staff member allowing my monkeys to assist as the 'bellhop boys'.

IMG_0462The whole movement behind AMA is to find goodnes here in Manila and cultivate it. As an expat I really hope to aid other expats in finding a happy life in this new city. We were invited by Discovery Suites to experience how positive  transitions (and staycations!) can be. I cannot thank the staff enough for an incredibly thoughtful weekend but more importantly, allowing me to be able to share this goodness with others who could really benefit from these services. Here's to helping others cross new bridges with a supportive community. *Plus there customer service is the best I have yet to experience here. I asked them numerous times if they had special training or a specialized staffing group because the service really is so spectacular. I believe part of this is because Discovery Suites is a locally owned and operated within The Philippines and they take great pride in this. They are not owned by a large hotel company but are striving to be the best even among larger names.

Thank you so much Discovery Suites staff for making a magical memory for our family.



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