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Cyma, Eat Greek Eat Great

Cyma, Eat Greek Eat Great

DSC05233Have you watched any of those trendy, yet fascinating, food shows produced by Netflix? Jake and I are loving them. Our favorites are Cooked and Chef's Table. I am of course starving by the end of each episode. It has been fascinating to see how much work actually goes into culinary arts. I have never seen a person care so deeply about food as these people. It was so timely that a few weeks later I was able to eat my way through Cyma's new menu and hear from the passionate Chef Robby Goco. Chef Robby Goco is worthy of his own Netflix show. He is so knowledgable and passionate about where his food comes from, the traditions behind dishes and the labor involved. I was blown away as he told us about the farmer and farm where his tomatoes come from. Those same tomatoes I got to eat that day.  This can seem like such a foreign concept in a city like Manila but Cyma Greek Taverna is bringing it's A game. DSC05238The lemonade consisted of fresh squeezed lemon, sweetener and cold filtered water. There was so much pulp. It felt so gritty and rustic, I loved it. DSC05244DSC05256DSC05263 Here he is laying it down for us. Robby explained to us that he used to make his own feta before you could even get it in Manila! He still blends his own feta to make one of his favorite starter dishes, pictured below. He holds so true to the values of Greek cuisine.


DSC05249The octopus at Cyma is prepared the traditional Greek way. It is caught, beaten/tenderized, air dried then slightly boiled in whatever remaining liquid is left. After that it is grilled to perfection. You guys, I had no idea that octopus could be tender. The texture was similar to shrimp and the flavor was so fresh. I cannot remember the name of the green pepper but Robby searched to find a local variety that was similar to that of it's Greek counterpart; AND he did, successfully. Sourced from Ilocos Norte the peppers have an asparagus flavor and are served with Mezedes Tis Oras. Talk about sourcing local and knowing your farmer.

DSC05268DSC05261IMG_0855IMG_0858Public Service Announcement: Chef Roby found the importer of Alaskan King Crab and got a deal with him to offer the crab legs for the same price S&R sells them! You will be getting the same price on the crab legs except it will already be deliciously prepared for you. IMG_0861

IMG_0866IMG_0871DSC05272DSC05274DSC05277I hit the jackpot in seat mates. Everyone is just so kind here! These young bucks and their huge Instagram accounts (, treated me like I was an equal instead of an old hag. :) I kid, but seriously, it was the best. DSC05279Chef Robby Goco is already a local chef celebrity, now we just need Netflix or Iflix to give him his own show! I will definitely be watching. IMG_0873

I really do think you will always find what you are looking for, especially in Manila. So, wether you're a large family or single (they have S, M, L options), gluten intolerant, choose a vegetarian diet or are an aspiring foodie, Cyma has you covered. Make every moment an OPA! Moment with Cyma.



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