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Asthma No More

Asthma No More

I have this knee jerk reaction to food allergies. Let me preface this with our story. A large majority of my family are very health conscience. I have vegans, gluten free-ers, komubucha-ers, you name it, I probably have it. I did the whole 'Candida heal your gut diet' nine years ago in an attempt to lessen the severity of my allergies. We sustain a fairly healthy life style currently. However, my middle son suffers from severe asthma and it got to the point where steroids were a weekly fix. Thanks to a friend for buying me a gluten free baking kit from S&R we finally decided to try it as a last resort option (which should have absolutely been our first resort). We had taken our son off dairy and saw no results. In the beginning of our GF journey we were desperate, skeptical and rolling our eyes along the way. However, we went two weeks without an asthma attack which was the longest in months! We have now been on this journey for four months with only two flare ups, both because of accidental slip-ups on the diet. I now realize how naive and ignorant we were for not attempting this option in the beginning. I am not going to lie, my experience with the Candida diet did nothing for my allergies and my mom is always diagnosing people with a gluten allergy (she's not a doctor but she was on to something it turns out) turned me off to the idea. Why? Is it really easier to shoot our kids up with steroids and meds than change the way we eat? Yup. It really is and we bought into it and are trying to come back from it. That is a whole different can of worms I will most likely never discuss again on this blog but something for you and I both to digest. IMG_9866

Some babies get bounce houses for their first birthdays, Oz got an oxygen tent and a hospital while visiting grandma in America. He spent his first birthday in the ER. It sucked.

The next summer when we returned home to The U.S. again, we got to pay a visit to the emergency room for steroids and a duo neb. *This does not only happen in The U.S. I happened to document these traveling incidents better because they are more stressful due to traveling internationally, often on my own.


The summer we moved into a new house we conveniently moved next to a hospital, it was fantastic. Another neighborhood, another hospital, another asthma treatment. Here he is at about 1.5 years and already knows how to give himself a treatment. Sad, really.

Our home visit last year started with asthma. We travel with our nebulizer, steroids and nebules in our carry on for this exact reason. Unfortunately there was a problem and our nebulizer would not work on the plane. We had to immediately give him a treatment when we landed in Tokyo four hours later. While on the plane from Tokyo to LA he had to use an oxygen tank for multiple hours. When we landed in LA we gave him an asthma treatment and missed our connecting flight to Phoenix. From our door to my mother's door it was 36+ hours of traveling with an asthmatic toddler. No fun for anyone and frightening as well.

Only a few months later we ventured up north to Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur only to drive home straight 9 hours making one stop at a drug store for steroids along the way. We pulled into the hospital that evening just in time. After months of this never ceasing and the attacks coming in rolling waves we were exhausted and discouraged. Again, a friend graciously offered a GF baking kit and that got the ball rolling. I wish we had known about Life Science and  gotten an allergy test years ago.


Moving on! Manila, you pretty little lady. Right here in BGC is a facility that could have given us guidance and assessments to find this allergy months ago, even years ago! Imagine the time saved, the hours slept, the energy and health my son could have had and the pesos in my bank account had we gone this route first. I hope this can help someone else out there on this same road. Life Science is a state of the art facility that focuses on tailoring health care personally for you. They really do start with what you are putting in your body and attempting health and wellness from the inside out. They are about maintaining a healthy lifestyle instead of treating an ailment. Beautiful, right? They can even make you your own vitamin tailored to your needs! Their lab was quite impressive.

I live an active and healthy lifestyle so I loved having my Body Composition Analyzer done. The technology used takes into account bone density, fat mass, muscle mass, BMI and metabolic age. I thought for sure I would tank because my body tends to have more fat mass than I would like but I was quite please with my results. The BCA can even tell which side of your body is stronger and target areas for you to improve. I live an active lifestyle so this information was extremely useful.FullSizeRender

It is no coincidence that Life Science and I have a common friend in Flow Retreats. Guys, you will always find your people if you look hard enough. Monica is one of my people, she uplifts and inspires me. She is a passionate mover and a shaker, you want her on your team. She brings goodness in many forms. One of those forms is her and The Flow Team's passion for wellness. We had a gorgeous lunch to share excitement for a wellness market at Mandala Park on Life Science's beautiful balcony. A healthy and flavorful lunch was served and I was able to find a fantastic gluten free food resource in Jertie's Kitchen.

Things To Know:

  • Life Science +632-828-LIFE (5433) 8th floor, Accra Law Tower, 2nd Avenue Corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1634 Philippines T: +63 (2) 828 LIFE (5433) M: +63 (917) 573 LIFE Operating Hours: 7am – 8pm, Monday to Saturday
  • Flow Retreats offers retreats for all ages included a kiddie camp in Palawan in the next few months. Keep an eye for their day trips, Flow In The City and their wellness markets. Follow on FB at
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