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In Defense of Pokémon Go

In Defense of Pokémon Go

I dedicate this post to all the Pokémon Go Widows out there. After the intense phenomenon of Pokémon Go hitting America and my husband making fun of the hype I was shocked when he answered he would most definitely be playing Pokémon Go upon its release in The Phils. Oy, I think I pulled a muscle rolling my eyes so hard. It didn't stop there, when he began playing I was almost embarrassed to be walking with him. After how many years of all my shenanigans this is the lightest sentence I deserve. BUT then something changed...he started involving the kids and they bond and spend time together. Most nights now my family walks around our village as we hunt for Pokémon. (Don't worry I am fully aware of how nerdy this is. Also, Please note that I correctly spelled Pokémon. How is that for respect?)

So, I give you to the a pictorial defense of Pokémon Go.








At the end of the night we have walked a bit, worked together and enjoyed being out of the house. Electronics are not personally my top choice but we might as well use it as a family and to move our bodies a bit. So, in defense of Pokémon Go there are some good things that have come of it.

A Colorful Life

A Colorful Life

You'll Always Find What You're Looking For: Miniso at Robinson Place Manila

You'll Always Find What You're Looking For: Miniso at Robinson Place Manila