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Becoming Filipino, Birthday Edition

Becoming Filipino, Birthday Edition


dsc00129 The longer I live here the more I love it. I was really good at being negative our first two years here. Things were different than my own culture and I wasn't sure how long we would actually be here in Manila. Well, we moved out of my bubble of Makati and dug our roots a little deeper with an open ended contract and decided to stay in Manila for a long while. It was during this time I decided to try social media as a tool to show life in Manila. Finally, I found Filipino friends and a real barkada. My kids picked up some Filipino vocabulary and my Filipino pallet broadened. It's almost like I flipped a switch and my outlook changed, I think for the better. I can see our family adding more and more Filipino culture into our culture and I recently wrote a post titled, Becoming Filipino. Well, here is an addendum, My Filipino Birthday.







A few weeks before my brithday we had a picnic in our driveway, it is a moment I hope to hold forever. Kuya Oben ran to the sari sari for snacks, I brought out the plastic and everyone mingled sitting on the driveway. It felt good and I felt fully submerged in a culture and in a way of life different than my own. It was endearing and I loved it. I asked Chanda if we could have a picnic for my birthday and she threw one amazing party. We don't live near aunts and uncles but these neighbors surely are our kapatid.





Salcedo Market, Stall Crawl

High Tea, Shangri La The Fort