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Seek The Uniq Home Feature

Seek The Uniq Home Feature


I bought my first home items from Seek The Uniq in 2013. Seeing their website I felt so inspired but also hope that I could find something so bagay (fitting) in my new home country. My first purchase was a flamingo throw pillow that I still have to do this day. When I started A Momma Abroad in 2015 the owner of STU, Mikka Padua, wrote me a hand written note of encouragement that sits on my desk to this day. It reminds me that people believe in me and to keep doing what I am doing.

Seek The Uniq team came over for a morning of kuwento, tablescaping and so much more! I was fortunate enough to have someone like Anne Bella Arguelles capture who I am as an individual, that was a surreal experience. I am forever grateful. Maraming Salamat Seek! 

You can read the full interview on STU blog,  Purveyors of the Uniq.

note from mika

my desk + handwritten note from Mikka Padua




Eclectic extraordinaire Vicky sets up a mis-matched table top, Bliss searches over the top for a perfect capture  


Here She Is 

table top.jpeg

Most of the items you see belong to Seek with a few of mine thrown in

seek desk.jpeg

If you take a look around my Momastery you will see pops of STU every which way (basket, tote, pillow cases, garland)


My desk from 2015 is the first photo in this post and here is my desk today in 2018. Also, I was so tickled that Anne and I both have the same Joyeria ring. 

seek book shelf.jpeg

Maraming salamat seek! Thanks for stopping by. 

When I first started instagram I often used the hashtag #YoullAlwaysFindWhatYoureLookingFor and I believe that to be true. Seek The Uniq was one of those 'favorite' places for me. There is a popular joke about American women not being able to leave Target without paying heaps of money and I would say that Seek is my Target. There is always something I love and adore. May you always find what you're looking for. 

Kita Kita Titas,


Mabuhay From Arizona!

Mabuhay From Arizona!

Pilipino Library: Halu Halo Board Book

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